Whether you’re a small business, new to the Federal market, or already have a proven record of success in the Federal arena, the team at Sales Automation Support has the right business growth strategies for you in 2018. We’ve won more than $16 Billion in government contracts, so we know a thing or two about how to take your business to new heights. Here are few business growth strategies to contemplate for the year ahead…


So, 2017 was a good year for you – that’s great. Even still, you know you can do better in 2018 with proper planning and execution. Perhaps you’ve moved beyond local business and have started to win Municipal, State, or even some National commercial accounts. Now – you’ve got sights set on winning that first Federal bid! Should you go for it?

Breaking into the Federal Market isn’t always easy – so, if you choose to climb that mountain – you’ve got to be prepared. For example, you’ve probably heard how hard it can be to overcome the Federal past performance evaluation criterion. While this is true, there are a number of uphill challenges – and this is where a team of trusted advisors can help to set you up with the right people and the right programs.

Look up FedStarter and FedTeam to learn more.

If you’ve already won a Federal contract, consider expanding into the state and municipality markets. Looking into new markets should be one of your biggest business growth strategies for 2018.


While this tip is far from groundbreaking, we can’t reiterate enough the importance of getting your business message out there. Networking with the right people – who have the right resources – can help you:

  1. Increase your PWIN on the Federal bids you’re targeting.
  2. Find the right teaming partner.

Note: When looking for a teaming partner, look for someone who can leverage their past performance ratings. It’s very likely that they’ll give you the chance to share your set-aside certification – and this will get them into contracts they would otherwise be barred from! We call this a classic win-win teaming opportunity, but it takes knocking out a lot of emails to find the right participants.

It also takes a well-crafted message, backed up with compelling arguments on a team landing page. As partners, you’ve got to be professional and clear about your teaming efforts. Should you need help crafting a message, hire us. We understand the industry. We can help you write a compelling message that will help you reach more people. It’s all about extending your influence and driving more business.


If you’re looking to grow your business in 2018, you’ll need to set realistic goals on the Federal business capture. To many, this is a lot easier said than done – nonetheless, submitting a proposal with the best, most accurate plan to a Contracting Officer is key winning a Federal contract. This means you’ll need the right price, the right technical project plan, and the right past performance references to beat out all the other competitors (whether it’s free and open, or set-aside specific).


Let’s imagine that you’ve already broken into the Federal market and you’ve been doing business for decades. As the new Head of Federal Government Sales, you’ve been called to increase sales in a different way in 2018. What’s your plan going to be?

Well, if your predecessor had not already lined up set-aside partners in each of the major set-aside categories (SDVOSB, WOSB, HUBZone, 8(a) and Native American Owned), then you’ve got your silver bullet. You’ll need to make sure that every set-aside solicitation to come out will be met by you (and your preferred teaming partner!). This will offer the strength and certification you need to be competitive. Sure, you won’t be able to earn the majority of the work on these bids. That’s okay – a good percentage is a whole lot better than nothing at all! And, once your CFO starts to see the profits, it just might get you the promotion you deserve


If you want to have the best approach to expanding your business – and you want to win – turn to a team who dominates the industry. We’re not bragging – we just know what we’re doing. We take time to understand your business like none other, which means we are able to help you put the right business growth strategies in place and get you where you want to be! Let’s go win more business together in 2018.