Proposals are the key to successful project acquisition and management. Essentially, they are an organization’s “first impression” with a potential contractor and/or client. They give an organization its voice, articulating its mission, its strengths, and its capabilities. In essence, winning proposals must be written to win the confidence and support of an agency or corporation that, more than likely, is unfamiliar with what your organization has to offer.

Within the past ten years, securing project acquisition and then project management has become much more fluid and competitive. The proposal writing industry is saturated with organizations that offer “the best approach” to securing a lead or landing a bid. Yet, ironically, many of these organizations lack the technical expertise and necessary capabilities to follow through on that “best approach.” Here at Sales Automation Support, Inc., we have over 15 years of successful, winning proposal writing in a multitude of industries, from telecommunications to government agencies to the military.

The key to Sales Automation Support’s winning proposal success is multifaceted. It includes:

  • Extensive research into the requesting organization’s mission, values, and capabilities. Sales Automation Support partners with its clients to understand their needs and values holistically to craft an effective proposal that will WIN!
  • Open communication with the client. Sales Automation Support maintains several lines of communication with its partners throughout the process of writing that winning process. Its employees do so through teleconferencing, email, phone, and even on-site visitation. A winning proposal only works if all parties involved participate actively.
  • “Hit the ground running.” At Sales Automation Support, the end product—the winning proposal—is the directive. Our employees map out the schedule for success. From a meticulous time chart to the assignment of specific tasks, our employees waste no time or effort in addressing concerns of competence, unforeseen problems, and manageable solutions.

Through these efforts, Sales Automation Support outperforms its competitors. Its tried and proven methodology for success, as outlined above, results in strong client partnerships, a leading brand in the industry, and most importantly, that winning proposal.