Set aside 50-minutes to hear from Sales Automation Support’s CEO & Founder, Michelle Keshel. Michelle will share one of her big secrets to Government Contracting in a webinar entitled: How Sales Automation Support Uses VisibleThread to Vet Contracts and Proposals.

While this compliance tool is only a component of our proposal writing process, it has played a part in winning more than 16 billion dollars in international contracts – especially in construction and engineering sectors. Read on to learn more about VisibleThread, industries we’ve served, and our Government Contracting genius, Michelle Keshel.


Here’s the thing: thoroughness matters when you want to win. This is why we find incredible value in VisibleThread search dictionary capabilities. And – there’s a whole lot more to this tool. Michelle will talk specifically about contract management and compliance in construction and infrastructure. She will also shed light on the features we use most, the core elements of VisibleThread Docs Solution, and end with a Q&A.

“There are so many examples of how we’re using VisibleThread to support a client’s project. We also have another separate dictionary in-house, which makes us a little bit more unique as a proposal firm. Probably 95% of every project we do we do is at a fixed price. VirtualThread helps us analyze projects to make sure that we’re accurate and get our client’s the best price.”

– Michelle Keshel

Listen to the recording here:


Yes, VisibleThread has been a key tool in accelerating and improving the accuracy of information needed to win for businesses, especially in construction and engineering sectors. Bob Martin, Regional Manager of Michels Construction, is a great example. He worked directly with our team on their Heavy Civil Construction project proposals – especially for the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.


“Their processes and technology have significantly reduced the burden on our engineers and construction management personnel during the proposal process. I would recommend SAS to any firm bidding on complex Federal projects that require keen attention to detail and a high degree of technical knowledge to win.”

– Bob Martin


VisibleThread has been a trustworthy timesaver. It has also helped us serve many of our clients, in multiple industries. We’re fully equipped with the personnel and experience needed to produce every aspect of your proposal. From technical narrative and work-flow descriptions to past performance and pricing support, we mean it when we say: There is no proposal too large in scope or complexity for our team.


At the end of the day, it’s all about helping our clients win a government contract. And, the Government Contracting Expert you’ll want on your team is Michelle Keshel. As a former Chief Warrant Officer and Helicopter Pilot in the U.S. Army, your organization will be in good hands if you require assistance with bid or proposal responses. Click HERE to read Michelle’s biography.

“If you’re looking to learn more about Government Contracting, I’m happy to be your first point of contact. You can easily email me HERE. I also invite you to follow me on LinkedIn and Facebook – social media is a great way to stay on top of trends and continue to network with allies, like us, who truly care about your business success.” – Michelle Keshel

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