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If you’re at the stage in which you’ve completed your SAM.gov registration (congratulations!) you might have some burning questions about Past Performance. For example, do you have enough Past Performance? Is it strong enough? What if you don’t quite meet Past Performance requirements?

While all of these questions are normal, don’t get too intimidated. For starters, if your company has substantial Past Performance, your task of finding willing, able, and competent allies will be much easier. On the flipside, if you’re lacking (click HERE to learn more), you’ll need to make up for this deficit – and you’ll need to do so with clarity and conviction to target a specific market. Just remember, leveraging Past Performance goes two ways. You will bring value to your new teaming partner, and your new ally will bring value to you.

Maybe you’ve already broken into the Federal Market and want to leverage your SBA(a) certification? If this is the case, you’ll need to make sure that every set-aside solicitation to come out will be met by you (and your preferred teaming partner!). This will offer the strength and certification you need to be competitive.

Either way, FedStarter will likely fit your unique situation.


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