Before you enter the realm of federal bidding, it is crucial to establish a foundation of understanding upon which you can build successful proposals. Defining your products and services in terms clear to the government, developing a compelling profile (utilizing any available set-aside certifications available to you) as well as capability statement, and locating suitable contract opportunities are the brick-and-mortar of federal proposal preparation.

The System for Award Management (SAM) is a key tool in the first step of the process. Government agencies use SAM to locate and learn about prospective vendors, so maintaining a profile in the database is imperative to compete in the federal contracting sphere. Likewise, understanding your company’s NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes will allow you to present your business in the language that the government understands.

Your capability statement should be comprehensive yet concise. Use it to clearly outline your business’ management, technical, and business strengths. Include resumes of key management personnel, past performance history, specific capabilities and skills, as well as any awards and commendations your business has received. Seek regular feedback often, then refine and update your statement accordingly. In other words, treat it like your business’ own resume.

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Finally, locate those contracts that are the best fit for your company’s unique skills and services. While the government does operate several searchable databases, in which you can attempt to locate the best solicitations (government requests for proposal) on its Federal Business Opportunities ( website, doing so without any guidance can quickly waste time and money. This is where bid-searching services, like those we offer at Sales Automation Support, prove to be invaluable. By providing leads tailored to your business’ specific qualifications, we simplify the task of wading through lists of solicitations, and present you with only the most appropriate.

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