Preparing competitive responses to government proposals is a challenge for any business. It’s not enough to simply apply the word “government” to your existing commercial methodology. You need to present your strengths in the government’s language, match your services against the needs of the agency across the entire solicitation, leverage your past performance, and form partnerships in any case of inexperience. Are you prepared? Do you have the resources to divert to the development process while maintaining your core operations? Instead of stretching your business to the breaking point, consider the benefits of an outside proposal writing firm.

Proposal writing services help with pricing, preparation, past-performance, opportunity and competition analysis, marketing, management and project planning, and teaming/partnering. The ability to present your services in a way the government understands is invaluable. Convincing them that you are the best contractor is even better. Proposal writing services match your qualifications against the specific goals of a given agency. They become an extension of your company, handling the most difficult aspects of proposal development (like leveraging past performance and management planning) while working with subject matter experts and your entire organization to craft winning proposals.

Sales Automation Support provides full proposal planning and preparation, including oral presentation support. We help you locate the best opportunity, build partnerships and teaming arrangements, leverage your past performance, and write a responsive and competitive proposal. With our expansive agency experience and proven track record of winning proposals, we know what it takes to show the government that you are the ideal contractor. Best of all, unlike most proposal writing services, our services are available at a firm, fixed price. Rather than take a percentage of your win, which can ruin your price competitiveness before you even begin, we offer competitive pricing that you can bank on right from the start. Contact a proposal writing expert today.

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