How did 2015 compare with 2014 in terms of your closing percentage? How about the dollar value of contracts awarded in 2015 compared to the cost of proposal preparation in terms of time, energy, and senior management opportunity cost?

If the trend is not your friend in answering these questions, it just may be that 2016 could be a pivotal year for you. In review of your most threatening competition you will likely find that they, like you, were reluctant to turn over the keys to management and writing of the detailed project plans, management plans, staffing plans, and transition plans that define their secret sauce for award winning proposals. It took confidence and courage to realize that outsourcing to Federal proposal preparation experts could lead to a higher close rate and reduced time and frustration responding to the most competitive bids the company has ever taken on.

How, you might ask, could a company that is not intimately familiar with your industry, let alone your secret ingredients, write a better proposal than your internal senior leadership team? The answer is a combination of experience in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), complete and compelling proposal narrative, and data calls that are comprised of telephone interviews with the requisite subject matter experts involved in your particular team’s proposal (each and every time). We help develop the most outstanding win themes, the attractive illustrations to help the evaluators remember your themes, and then complete the narrative to the detail that clarifies, beyond a reason of doubt, that you are the most qualified technical response. If you need help with pricing we have specialist for that as well.

If you are responsible for making 2016 more profitable than 2015, do your company a favor and discuss your next critical bid with a company that has helped its customers close over $3 billion in awards over the last five years alone. At Sales Automation Support we make it simple.